Comprehensive Family Law Services in Bozeman, MT

Settlement based approach

When emotions are running high, it is more important than ever to ensure you have an experienced family law attorney on your side. Kathryn is committed to protecting your family, your assets and your lifestyle throughout all family law proceedings and will advise you on how best to handle the specific facts and circumstances of your case. While she advocates communication and attempting to reach resolutions outside of the courtroom, she will readily represent you when litigation is required.

Do not let the legal process overwhelm you

Kathryn provides legal counsel to Montana families in need. Turn to her for your case involving:

Every client should be treated with courtesy, respect and compassion, and Kathryn always strives to uphold those standards and is dedicated to making the stressful and legally complex family law process easier for you and everyone involved. When you want a family law attorney who will listen to your needs and facilitate effective, respectful communication between you and the other parties involved, turn to Kathryn Keiser.

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