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When you are dealing with an emotionally charged family dispute, make sure you have an experienced, logical family law attorney in your corner. When you are close to the situation and the people involved, you might have blinders on when it comes to protecting your children, your assets and your lifestyle.

Kathryn is here to ensure you are legally protected. She will also attempt to facilitate effective communication and reach a resolution without heading to court so your family law case is less stressful and less expensive for everyone involved.

Your Family Law Solutions

Reach a resolution without entering the courtroom

Specializing in family law, Kathryn is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions to families undergoing conflict in the Bozeman, Montana, area. She will strive to assist all parties involved to reach a compromise outside of the courtroom. However, her extensive background and experience will also greatly assist all clients in the courtroom if a settlement is unattainable.

She is happy to assist in cases involving:

Child Custody & Visitation
Collaborative Law
• Reproductive Law
Child Support
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Domestic Violence
• Paternity Actions

Kathryn has been dedicated to providing exceptional legal services since 2011, and she opened her own practice in 2014 to better serve the Bozeman community. If you are seeking an experienced family law attorney committed to helping you and your family reach a resolution, turn to Kathryn Keiser. Call or e-mail today to schedule your initial consultation.

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