Growing your family through adoption

Assiting With The Complexities of The Adoption Process in Bozeman, MT

Adoption is a wonderful experience that shows just how much a parent is willing to extend their love to a child or vulnerable adult. Although the process is full of warm emotions, the legal process is complex.
Kathryn Keiser is an experience adoption attorney who has helped many families in the Bozeman Area and State of Montana. She understands that often times the adoption process looks very different for different families.

Why adopt in Bozeman, MT?

Reasons families may be considering adoption may include:

  • Couples are unable to have biological children of their own, but wish to fulfill their dream of parenthood.
  • Expectant mothers who are not able to care for a child and would like to fine the best adoptive option for their child 
  • Stepparents who would like to gain full legal rights to a child who is from a prior relationship or marriage 
  • Relatives who would like to legally adopt children whose parents have died or become unfit to care for the child 

Kathryn approaches each family’s needs on a case by case basis, ensuring she will treat you with kindness, compassion and respect. She will make sure you understand the complex process of adoption, and be with you each step of the way until your family finalizes the adoption.

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