What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law provides an alternative solution for couples who have chosen to separate, file for divorce or determine a parenting schedule. This option allows couples to avoid court and meet on common ground to settle without seeking litigation. This is a voluntary process in which the couple signs a participation agreement. The agreement binds them to the process and eliminates future family-related legal action. Collaborative law can also help with a wide range of other family issues such as pre and post-nuptial contracts and parental disputes.

Want to Resolve Your Divorce Out of Court?

When you and your spouse or partner have decided to move forward in a divorce or custody proceeding but would like to avoid stepping foot in a courtroom, Collaborative Family Law is a great alternative. In the collaborative process, each party is represented by independent legal counsel, and both attorneys will assist the parties through the process so that a resolution of all issues can be reached respectfully, amicably, and at a much lower cost than traditional court proceedings.

What should you expect?

Throughout the Collaborative process, you will meet with Kathryn both separately and in group meetings with the other party and his/her legal representation. If necessary, other professionals, such as a mediator, child custody specialist, counselor and/or financial planner, will be brought into the process to ensure all issues and needs of the parties are thoroughly met.